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This year I am attending the W.I.C.C. charity gala in Toronto to show my support in the fight against breast cancer! As a woman, I recognize the importance of educating myself and others on a disease that will affect one in nine Canadian women in their lifetime.

The Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade (W.I.C.C.) was created in 1996 and initially began in support of breast cancer. The founders were specifically calling on the insurance industry because it is largely dominated by women, and it only made sense to have a strong show of support for a cause in which so many women are affected. The mission of W.I.C.C. is ‘to mobilize the Canadian insurance industry in the fight against cancer by focusing on cancer research, support and education.’ 

The purpose of W.I.C.C. is much more than having people write big checks in the name of fighting cancer; they want to make an even bigger impact by raising awareness and educating the public about this disease and its impact on the individuals and families in our community. In the eighteen years that W.I.C.C. has been active, they have raised more than $13, 700, 000 for cancer research and education purposes. Fundraising efforts include charity dinners, silent auctions, selling W.I.C.C. candles, and engagement with Relay for Life. There are currently four W.I.C.C. chapters in Canada- British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta and Quebec- so if you’re interested in exploring events near you be sure to check them out.

In 2007 the Ontario Board of Directors recognized the exponential growth of W.I.C.C. and voted to allocate the resources raised to different types of cancer, including prostate.

In 2014, the Women in Insurance Cancer Crusade was honored to receive the National Corporate Achievement Award by the National Council of the Canadian Cancer Society.

Please consider joining me in support of this meaningful cause!


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